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R-Evolution - Green - Following the first citizen consultation, fashion is committing itself!

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Major fashion groups in france are working together towardsmore sustainable fashionfollowing the first public consultationat the initiative of the paris good fashion collectivethe votes were massive:107,000 participants3000 proposals12 collective engagements by fashion actors on six major approaches: recycling and second hand, relocation, raw materials, packaging, consumer information, working conditionsthey are taking action todaywith a promiseof transparent communication with citizenswith interviews with: patricia tranvouëz, general manageretam it is about combining three things: collection, recycling and solidary action. with etam we are launching a new project called" small gesture, great support", which will allow us, we hope, to recycle 100,000 bras.thomas bucaille, svp hr and csrpetit bateau we have a strong ethical code of transparency. we are a manufacturer. we have a factory in troyes, where we knit and dye our cotton ourselves, either in troyes, or in our factory in marrakech.we work with long-standing partners, at every level of the chain, who we trust, so, we really want to go further in this transparency, made in france when that’s really the case, but also made in morocco, because we are very proud of our teams. we are local everywhere in fact.isabelle saviane, csr directorgroupe eram for us it is about putting a subscription system on the market, that allows a sustainable approach. i love fashion, but at the same time, i’m not careless and i don’t fill up my wardrobe. so, i buy a new pair of shoes, i keep them two months and i send them back.philippe berlan, deputy director - generalla redoutewe have launched our own consumer-to-consumer sales platform to stimulate the reuse and the second life of products. when we decided to launch this, as you said before, we were in full lockdown.damien pellé, director of sustainable development and csrgaleries lafayette & bhv maraisfollowing this consultation, we made a commitment to give 200 brands a chance by 2024, so 50 per year, 50 young fashion brands that produce in france will be marketed. they will be showcased in our shops, both in paris and in the regions.sophie hersan, co-foundervestiaire collectivewe reunite to accelerate. i think that today, we are accelerating, and we are coming out of a crisis that tells us so.