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MSGM : Autumn/Winter 2020/21 show in Milan (with interview)

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Designer: massimo giorgettititle: the nightinspiration: following on from the men’s, the designer also called upon the italian director, dario argento, for his women’s collection, drawing inspiration from his work and his cinematic aesthetic.collection: young, colourful, energetic and rich. the prints are taken from scenes from the director’s films. the silhouette consists of oversized coats in masculine materials covering fluid skirts with prints or sequins. the colours clash. a pink blouse with frills pairs with denim printed in the same colour. a lace dress reveals a t-shirt underneath.the patterns contrast on flowing silk dresses. over the course of the show, the wardrobe is decorated with glitter elements. the trousers are high-waisted and drape over the bottom of the leg. a scarf is tied at the point on the shoulders and a marabou feather boa brings a touch of glamour. a camel-coloured coat drapes around the neck.to note: square toe ankle boots and the bags with big white chains. interview : it’s a new season and it’s the second chapter of the collaboration with dario argento because after the men’s collection i decided to move on and to continue with the women’s.it’s really about women, but it’s also about young women, young girls because if you think in phenomena was a college and in suspiria was a dance school so it’s interesting because i realise that at the end that dario argento was obsessed with “youthness” like me, was obsessed with colours like me, was obsessed with music like me, so it was amazing.there are a lot of looks like a young girl at school but they will look like younger witches, also the soundtrack is really interesting, really fascinating because it’s a kind of escape from the reality with colours, with prints, we worked together on prints, we worked together on the details, we worked together also on everything, on the set up, so i really think it’s something very powerful and interesting. music from the show (to use only in context of the show, under cover of the right to information)