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Jil Sander - Women's Spring/Summer 2020 collection in Milan

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Designers: lucie and luke meierinspiration: in the magnificent courtyard of the pinacoteca di brera in milan, with white gravel sand dunes in the middle, between darkness and light, the couple delivers a new precise and light jil sanders collection.collection: black and white dominates, around structured trouser suits, jackets with sleeves revealing openings, long tunic blouses and t-shirts with detailed cuts. shirts are suggested as long dresses. the duo likes to experiment with textures and play with pleats gathered, drapes and volumes, woven raffia is transformed into fringes and macramé is added to evening outfits. to note: prints of a fish and virgins, representing the astrological signs of the designers (pisces and virgo) + silk slip dresses worn with structured jackets. music from the show (for use only in context of the show, under cover of the right to information).