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Discovery : Monographie and its variations of shirts

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The shirt became a source of fun for designer, aude castéja, founder of monographie, who decided to work on this timeless piece and who imagines the collections like chapters of a book.details, collars and sleeves reworked stitchings and openings, made in nice and soft cotton poplin that doesn’t crease, even turning into a top or a dress. with interview from aude castéja:i wanted to work with one sole product, that’s obvious. because i found that there is a plethora of things on the market, it is so saturated, and i found that it was a good way to differentiate myself , to work in-depth on each collection. the shirt established itself very quickly, because it’s the key piece in my wardrobe and, in fact, i had lots of ideas around the shirt.in fact, quite a small and subtle twist is enough to make the piece interesting so i work on the poplin which is quite structured, and because i like structure, i was able to make volumes which held themselves, which had roundness, which have real handling.it’s not a question of generation, it’s not a question of style because the main thing is how you accessorise it, how you style the piece, you can wear it really chic, really casual, in the evening, in the day, as beachwear… finally, i don’t want to put the typical monographie woman in a box because it really is for all women. music free to take : fools gold ft jessie villa by mike arnoult