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Olivier Theyskens at The Museum for Lace and Fashion in Calais

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For its 10-year anniversary, the museum for lace and fashion offers a carte blanche to belgian designer, olivier theyskens, who has been present in the fashion world for over 20 years and who chose to create a dialogue between his own creations and archives from the museum through a setting of different thematic scenes.as well as clothing, olivier theyskens adds wooden objects to each scene that tell the story of the artisan or lace maker. exhibition olivier theyskens "in praesentia" - museum for lace and fashion, calais - from the 15th of june 2019 to the 5th of january 2020.with interviews:shazia boucher, head of the exhibitions department at the museum for lace and fashion:the “ carte blanche” was set up in, i want to say, quite an intuitive way. we invited olivier by telling him “we are going to open up all our archives for you so that you can come and discover it, everything in fact, the things no one usually sees”. and olivier looked in cardboard boxes, under the covers, to finally discover the textile and clothing elements that spoke to him.olivier theyskens, designer:feeling the presence and, hence, the title of the exhibition “in praesentia”, the presence of those who worked in this industrial universe, who are inevitably linked to the lace world. but, at the same time, we can think of all the others, who work in textiles, manufacturing, couture. it’s a presence that i wanted around my work. this environment, this people spirit, which is manifested through the presence of these objects that can sometimes feel personal, to the workers, the technicians, the tullist books… and all these objects have a form of beauty, they have something quite rustic, a bit brutalist compared to the refinement of the lace. and i’ve found that these were the perfect objects to surround my work.musique free to take : la chica de los grandes ojos negros by anbr artlist