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Hed Mayner : Spring/Summer 2020 Fashion Show in Paris (with interview)

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Designer: hed mayer inspiration: the designer follows his usual construction route, this time with reference to the original functionality of clothing, putting emphasis on artisan styles and beautiful fabrics.collection: check patterns are the central element, reworked in different ways for each piece. as always, the basics are well thought out and structured, with open-back jackets, shirts which transform into capes, large ponchos and oversized harem trousers. the fabrics are soft and comfortable, based on cotton, linen and wool, in shades of white, beige and brown. the hed mayner woman also makes an appearance in new oversized styles.note: blue tie dye sets + shoes and sliders with wooden soles.hed mayner itwit’s about being outside but it’s also a continuation of the last collection, but the silhouettes are slightly different. in the last one, they were a bit more constructed and there was a very strong shape in them and the clothes were like an object, but here the clothes are similar but more based on square shapes. there are a lot of slits in them and a lot of places that are open and the fabrics are more drythere is wood, a lot of padding and stitching in this collection. music from the show (for use only in the contect of the fashion show, under the cover of the right to information)