A visit to Dior’s Ateliers in Paris ahead of the 2020 Cruise Collection show in Marrakesh

Just days away from Dior’s 2020 Cruise Collection show in Marrakech, we visit Dior’s Parisian ateliers to discover their production secrets and meet with Maria Grazia Chiuri who exclusively reveals her inspiration for this collection. It all began with the discovery of a book about wax material by the anthropologist Anne Grosfilley.Interview with Maria Grazia Chiuri (Dior's artistic director):The starting point was a book that I found that spoke about wax that is a textile that in some ways speaks like a material, like a textile is in connection with different countries because wax comes from Asia but moved to Europe and arrived in Africa where it became very fashionable and successful. So, when I found the book, immediately I was curious to know the writer of the book, and then we decided to go together to Abidjan in the factory where is possible to produce this unbelievable technique, because this technique that not all people know is very specific. It’s very luxury, it’s like a Haute Couture technique for print especially in this time where everything is digital. This technique speaks about the human touch.When we went to Abidjan we met Pathé’O, Pathé’O is a very important African designer that works with wax. He was well known in Africa because he made a shirt for Nelson Mandela, so I said; ‘do you want to do something, would you want to make a shirt also for the show?’.And so, I think this kind of collaboration has a point of view completely different about the element of the house but at the same time helps us to understand, like creativity like the craftsmanship comes around the world and in some ways you don’t know but in different ways we have a common ground in fashion.

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