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This winter men dress in tartan!!!

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Tartan and checks flood masculine wardrobes this winter! far from its historical “british” and classic heritage, nowadays they are being used by many brands albeit reviewed and edited for an urban audience! tartan has been modernized and brightened!the overall winner: the coat; the ‘it’ piece of the season, it adds style to any figure!take a chance and choose an outfit complete with tartan, overlay patterns or mix them up.fendi fluctuates between a bright yellow and a warm brown for a casual but chic look.marni twists and turns them, enlarges and mixes them, creating a playful look similar to thom browne!we see it in a much cooler way, reflecting a cowboy or lumberjack style giving jackets and shirts a new identity! they can also be used for a more daring and punk-type style! in all cases, one thing is certain, this winter all men will be wearing tartan!