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Dries Van Noten - Women's Spring/Summer 2019 Collection (with interview)

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Designer: dries van noteninspiration: set under the glass roof of the palais de tokyo, with an intense blue sky and wooden chairs lined up that seem to go on forever … the bird drawn on the invite quickly takes form in this collection with its unique, confident and exotic side. the collection also has a touch of attitude which is marvelously translated by the designer, whose fashion house has just been repurchased by puig.collection: feathers, disks, colours and a lot of finesse. dries thinks of the essentials for women, a parka, suits, all-in-one-suits and a shirt and dress for the evening, made with elegance using bright colours and brushstrokes. for fastening details we see a clipped belt, strings tying bags, a train on a skirt and a big knot decorating a t-shirt. for textures and techniques a lot of effort has been taken to create a super light collection with coats that become nearly transparent, outfits in nylon and thin silk dresses in taffeta.note: jeweled fringes and feathers added like shawls or on shirt fronts + feathers which are seen throughout the collection: on bags, on the front of shirts and even in hair. interview with cathy horyn:i thought it was beautiful. i love the combination of the workwear and the couture and his intense colours. he stays relevant. he stays progressive. he just said backstage that nothing has changed, and i think that’s true, you see it in the clothes, it’s very dries, i think it just gives him more stability and a future for the company. i didn’t expect anything to really change with puig involved. they’re very lucky to partner with dries. music from the show (for use only in context of the show, under cover of the right to information).