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Anna Sui - Women's Collection Spring/Summer 2019 in New York (with interview)

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Designer: anna suiinspiration: the designer starts with various references including a film, a journey and a desire which transports us to her universe filled with fantasy and happiness. set in the middle of an enchanting bazaar, and with items already available to purchase, models such as gigi, bella and kaia appear as mermaids and princesses with a bohemian touch.collection: turbans tied at the head, models appear perfectly on the runway wearing dresses made from a variety of fabrics including jacquard, crêpe de chine, satin or fabrics produced by anna sui’s studio. she is brave enough to present coloured satin shirts, a light pyjamas, as well as skirts decorated with fringes, without forgetting models wearing swimsuits.note: pyjamas, shorts with matching bras, accessories including hats or turbans and trainers.interview :anna sui : i build everything on an inspiration board and, it started with images of places that i was dreaming about, and i wanted to really create a fantasy world, so i discovered this beautiful art deco casino that exists in catalina, and i researched it and found that they had tile undersea pictures and mermaids and i loved the colours of it, and then i researched another house in england where someone had collected seashells and decorated the whole walls, ceiling and everything in seashells, and i thought ok, this is like all about escapism and a fantasy world, and why don’t i create a fantasy world for my audience this time. so, from my inspiration board we start designing the prints, looking at vintage swatches, looking at art work and putting it all together, and that’s how i do my colour story too, from what my inspiration boards have. and then we start researching new fabrics that we can print on. there’s new techniques where they can print on brocade and different, and you saw the different surfaces so, that’s what builds all the layers. music from the show (for use only in context of the show, under cover of the right to information).