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Christian Dior - show Haute Couture Autumn/winter 2018/19 in Paris (with interviews)

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Artistic director: maria grazia chiuri place: musée rodin, a tent erected in the gardens and white canvas dresses are placed on the walls that are infinitely reflected. echos of the exhibition at the museum of decorative arts called “christian dior, designer of dreams” which was held in paris. the house of dior announced another large exhibition based on this one that will be shown at the victoria & albert museum in february 2019 in london. collection: a collection that pays homage to the atelier’s know-how and that deploys the creative vision of maria grazia chiuri, full of delicacy and lightness. the italian designer highlights the body with dresses with marked waists, with winged sleeves, with ribbed shoulders. a modern elegance, and a sleek silhouette. focus: on the bustier dress embroidered with organza flowers and “plissés soleil” gowns in tulle like a second skin.to note: the pleat work on sleeves or on the back of the vest. the coats with generous volumes, bat sleeves. the colourful last dresses in satin silk are crazy looking. the colour palette oscilates between deep navy, military green or nude.with the interviews of : chiara ferragni :haute couture is like the maximum way to wear fashion, it is really something unique et something built for you, to make you feel super special camille rowe :i think that couture is a little like the essence of fashion, it’s the most chic thing, it’s french, it’s beautiful.ruth bell : dior for me is elegance, that’s how i perceive dior and i like the fact that maria grazia is making feminist’s elegance, because some people have this image in their head that feminism have to be in a certain way, but i think feminism can be elegant as wellmaria grazia chuiri :now, in this time, you go so fast and it is so necessary, that everything is also really visible, but in haute couture, you can do what you want, because dior’s audience knows what couture means, so you are really free. they don’t come because they see a picture, they come because they know what couture means so in this case, i think that couture is avant garde. i think that couture is french and italian traditions but they are two different schools. french is more about the lines and the shapes, for italian, it is more about lightness. i try in this collection to mix the two elements. maintain the shape, the construction, but with this craftsmanship which is more italian, more light. gaia repossi : she brings a lot of femininity, really a lot of femininity, in an innovative way and she is italian like me, we know well the balance between the new and the avant garde.olivia palermo :she brings her own aesthetic to it, and she’s so incredible, she’s such a visionary for women, and to be a woman to design for dior and to put her own stamp on it, it really empowers, it’s incredible.sofia boutella :you know it is so innovating, it is fun, i love the looks, i’m happy to be here, it is my first show. music from the show (only for use in context of this report, under cover of the right to information)