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Poiret Show - Women's Collection Autumn/Winter 2018/19 in Paris (with interview)

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Artistic director: yiqing yinlocation: musée des arts décoratifs in pariscollection: following 90 years of absence, the house of poiret is reborn under the presidency of anne chapelle and the artistic direction of franco-chinese yiqing yin. a first well done collection with a work on purity and volume, but equally on textures with magnificent jacquard and motifs influenced by street art. focus: on the coats with loose volumes behind, on the belted dresses, very sober in design, on another in a hypnotic shade of pink. a white shirt contrasts with a dress and a puffer jacket made from metallic materials with iridescent effects. delicacy and femininity for pleated dresses warmed up by a knitted jumper. and the apparent softness of a jacket that reveals the shoulders. to note: the oversized bags and shoes with cubist heels. interview:it’s been a year that we’ve been working on this renaissance, it’s like we’ve let go of our baby…months of research, in the archives, the stories, in his auto-biography and finally deviating a little from the inspiration of the pieces in the first degree to also focus on studying mr paul poiret’s personality and trying to re-transcribe that, his generosity, his love of art, hedonism, the liberation of women’s bodies and also of their spirit, in these modern and current codes. there are lots of clothes worn in several different ways and that i showed several different times on the catwalk, oversized, belted, back to front, front to back, reversed, with tilted volumes.i try to come back to a fashion which lasts and remains at the service of women and which also resolves the paradox of sensuality today, suggesting to women that there’s a moderate alternative to sensuality, which is conscious, paradoxical and to have clothes which invite you play and express yourself. music from the show (for use only in context of the show, under cover of the right to information)