Tommy Hilfiger Backstage - Men's and Women's Collection Spring/Summer 2018 in Milan (with interview)

Makeup artist Mark Carrasquillo talks us through the makeup, inspired by motor racing, designed for the Tommy Hilfiger show in Milan. A rendezvous backstage. Interview of Mark Carrasquillo :We are at Tommy and we’re doing a girl built for speed. So we’re doing like a taupey, mushroom colour drawn out across the eye, almost like a customized car, it’s a little long but it’s blurry. And then, I was thinking about chrome because of course cars have chrome we did a really metallic, silver chrome colour under the bottom lashes and against the nose at the tear. Lots of curled black lashes, a tiny bit of black eyeliner, to finish the eye at the end. Bare skin, we’re doing an oil-slick cheek with Baby Lips, it’s a product from Maybelline that is just this stick, we’re going to rub it on their cheeks and then real lips. I wanted the girl to feel pretty natural but with this hard eye, like a customised eye. Music from the show (for use only in context of the show, under cover of the right to information)

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