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A Détacher - Women's Collection Femme Autumn/Winter 2018/19 in New York (with interview)

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Designer: monika kowalskainspiration : ‘contemporary nostalgia’, the terms used by the designer backstage sum up this collection well as is possesses a vintage spirit with a particular twist that makes the clothes desirable and modern. it’s what à détacher continues to do after 20 years, without having ever sought change, opting to continue appealing to its loyal clientele. collection: thick materials such as denim or cotton toile for trousers, culottes and high waisted skirts, mixed with hooded sweatshirts + a printed story with landscape photos blended with coloured sequins. small flowered motifs appear on long shirt dresses. to note: the sunglasses released in collaboration with carla colour, very futuristic. interview with: monika kowalskai always try to ground it in the moment so i feel like it’s kind of a darker moment and i wanted to do a collection that was luminous. i’m always interested in the moment, even when there’s things that feel nostalgic i always want it to be sort of a contemporary nostalgia, the present is always very important. i collect small landscape postcards, old photographs so once we started playing with the sequins there was a lot of play and playfulness involved in doing those prints, they were fun to do because they’re very loose also and big, that one it’s just one image, the dress is only cut on one side so that the whole image stays intact. i do like a show, i think it’s still the nicest way to see clothes it communicates a lot, it communicates a mood, the music is important, it is really like the landscape almost that becomes the music. music from the show (for use only in context of the show, under cover of the right to information).