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Walter Van Beirendonck: Men's show Autumn/Winter 2018/19 (with interview)

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Designer : walter van beirendonckinspiration: fetishism reinterpreted according to the designer’s own visions, always with colour and humour. collection: mischievous, colourful, sexual. a covered mask with small ears on the parkers, and holes at the mouth and chest… a striking start. the idea is to see these overcoats take on a new cubist form, creating points at the shoulders. materials such as linen and cotton are always very worked, taking on a plastic aspect. the prints full of symbols come to look like tattoos. the scarves becomes puffers. the fine checked suits are worn with his yellow parka. to note: the worked looks, with fishnets on the head, extravagant sunglasses but also fishing boots, plastic gloves, chokers and bracelets with straps and chains… interview with walter van beirendonck:for me it’s really an allusion to sm (sadomasochism)… sun and the moon, and that’s slightly the idea behind the collection, to work around a fetish energy and do it in a different way, not clichéd with the ingredients that we see everywhere, everywhere when in fashion we work on fetishism and i really tried to introduce new things. i really wanted to work on very current clothes, very today, with another cut and very different graphics like the clothes we find today, that we find now a little bit in all of the collections, which are really inspired by vintage or the eighties and nineties. the idea was to work on a cube shape and i started with this idea last season and i started to experiment with that and with everything in the collection i really worked on those shapes. music from the show