22 photographs by Peter Lindbergh exhibited on the Deauville beach in France

22 photographs shot by Peter Lindbergh have been installed on the beach in Deauville, directly onto the sand where the photographer habitually worked with the most famous celebrities since 1980. On the occasion of Planche Contact festival in Deauville, France. The installation runs from October 21st to November 26th 2017.Interview with Peter Lindbergh:One of the first times I worked in Deauville, it was with Naomi Campbell, it was a long long time ago, and it was the first Naomi series, she’d never worked for the magazine before. And I’d found an unknown girl who danced really well as I’d wanted to do a shoot on Joséphine Baker. And we found Naomi Campbell. And her punch, her beauty, her passion was impressive, that was the first series of Naomi. I really love the more personal images, the effort of people, you get close to them, you look in the camera and there’s a moment where the camera doesn’t exist. That’s really a lot more interesting. Not retouching- it’s ridiculous, you can’t work without retouching. But we only retouch a little. I do everything through the camera. I never say “Oh! We’ll do that afterwards with Photoshop!” because that, that’s horrible, it’s no longer photography. It’s horrible this idea of doing it afterwards. I do everything through the camera! The moment I capture the photo, that’s the biggest sport of photography. We’re beautiful when we have the courage to be ourselves, it’s as simple as that. Music free from rights / Bandit & Nikit / 2017

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