Alexandre de Betak, man of one thousand shows

Alexandre de Betak is simultaneously in front of and behind the stage… or rather the catwalk. He’s called upon for set decoration, production, location scouting, music and casting down to the final wave of the designer at the end of the show. He conceives and carries out the craziest set concepts wished for by designers and big houses. (Interview)Now this creativity is being compiled into a book which gathers together lots of shows on which Alexandre de Betak has worked, from across the world over the last 25 years. 'Betak : Fashion Show Revolution', 292 pages, éditions Phaidon.Interview of Alexandre de Betak : I would like to continue, I hope, to inspire more, most notably the new generations to do what we do because we continue to be very very few. 25 years later we can still be counted on the fingers of one hand- there’s few who do this job. So I think that there is a place for everyone, that there are more and more shows. I also think that a fashion show as we call it in fashion is really a way of communication and it’s a real genre which could be fully applied to other things and which I hope will inspire other things. I was lucky that Phaïdon came and found me to propose publishing a book on all the shows. He found out that we’d reached our thousandth show and I told myself that this number was something to celebrate. But also because I think that it’s an period, the last 20/25 years, a period we really have a grasp on in the book, which is called ‘Fashion Show Revolution’, which shows the revolution we made when we arrived 25 years ago in the world of shows, and I think that there’s a new period starting now, there’s a new revolution which is starting now thanks to technology and social media and that has to mark this story and then begin another.Music free from rights: Bandit & Nikit 2017

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