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Dare Knitwear Everywhere: Autumn-Winter Trend 2017/18

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Knitwear is the must-have for next winter; never has it been so popular amongst designers. in the midst of cold weather, knitwear is a comfort, there being nothing better than to curl up in an oversized, autumnal turtle-neck, which goes just as well with split skirt, as it does with boyish trousers. the american designer, michael kors, is the best example of this, with his silhouettes advocating beautiful materials which fall impeccably.the knitted jumper is a playground for designers who love to reinvent, all the while reworking volumes, giving classic styles a new lease of life.as for threads and fringing, these never fail to add a folkish, bohemian allure, and bring vitality to the silhouette.the irish sweater is due to be a best-seller next winter, seducing with its authentic spirit, as well as its ease.however, the knitted jumper does not rest on its laurels; for some, it’s a laboratory …to liven up the winter, pink and red will lead the way.the 100% knitwear look is another strong contender, demonstrated by italian fashion house and master of the knit, missoni with an ultra-feminine, colourful knitwear which hugs the curves of the body. fine, or a little chunkier, enamelled with graphics or just playing with juxtapositions of colours, knits offer multiple possibilities to express femininity ... or to assert power! imposing shoulders and bare legs give a winter silhouette full of sensuality, or bare shoulders, for nonchalant and sexy look.interviews:michael kors: very delicious knitwear. a lot of sort of very cosy and glamorous knitwear.tory burch: that was sort of taking what you might find in your grandfather’s closet and then working on it a bit. tommaso aquilano: for knitwear, it’s the technique which makes a new one of itself. because it’s in aluminum, plastic, crystal, it’s very, very light and very durable.angela missoni: this knitwear is all about comfort, softness, intimacy, and femininity.music free of right: bandit & nikit