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Key Fashion Moment - Kate Moss seen by the most renowned photographers

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After all these years, kate moss remains the most emblematic model of her generation. nicknamed the twig at the beginning of her career, she was captured by the biggest names, from corinne day to paolo roversi. a recap of the most beautiful photos exhibited in 2011 at the galerie de l’instant in paris. the owner of the space posited an ineresting look at the different periods of the life of the top model who became an icon, from her first stint in front of the camera at the age of 14 to her most recent magazine shoots.interview julia gragon : i am so pleased. i’m going to spend 3 months with kate moss, i tried to contact all the big photographers that i have ever dreamed of working with and the majority agreed. some of them, like paolo roveri, were kind enough to give me quite a lot. paolo gave me four images, all completely new, that i wasn’t familiar with and had never been published before, so that was a very, very nice gift. bettina rheims, when she came to the opening, told me that the minute she came into the room she knew she was a star, dressed in jeans, t-shirt, with her schoolbag on her back. she said it’s something that you can’t explain; one simply feels it when the person is in the room. she has an aura. kate moss is not the most beautiful girl in the world; she’s not the tallest model. she’s very plain, she doesn’t have a perfect nose, but she has a certain grace. so what can you say? photos of kate make people dream, whether it be my generation, or younger, or older, everyone can relate to them. she’s simply beautiful.music free of right: bandit & nikit