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The swimsuit, the dominating piece for summer 2017

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Summer will be sensual with new swimsuits and for summer 2017, the one piece makes its big return. the influence from ready to wear and especially the return of the 80/90s seem to be reflected right up until the beach.so don’t hesitate to play with your swimsuit, to wear it with jeans, to choose more original models like laced up, cut out and ruffled. dare to personalize it, as calzedonia's proposal, the idea to write a message or simply its name, it will undoubtedly help with meetings on the water's edge.interview with sophie malagolafor the 90s we remember that it was a mix of very flash colours, very low cut shapes that’s also low cut on the thigh as well. there was quite a sexy, healthy spirit at the same time, so there is this sporty but quite joyful side.we see a lot of neon, lot of cut outs, there are lots of big zips and that forms a very low cut piece, like swimmers which are very, very rewarding, and we suddenly feel a bit sporty, we feel quite at ease and rewarded, so that is a real return, as we really find sport in all aspects of life today. it’s true that the “palace” club influences all the universes of fashion, lingerie and also swimsuits, where we find the body, lurex, a very low cut piece, that is very typically 80s.we still see very pretty cut outs, ruffles, we are achieving quite a decorative, quite voluminous piece, which can be worn inside out, day and night, how you want, exactly how you want, so it’s true that one piece can turn into a beautiful garment again. music free of rights : bandit & nikit