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Liya Kebede, top model, designer and philanthropist.

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Liya kebede the 39 year old top model has been in the fashion furrow for nearly 20 years and has always liked to live many lives, swinging between different creative worlds. often very present in the shows especially during the last fashion weeks, taking pleasure in coming to support her designer friends, she is appearing in all the media this spring for the amazon fashion europe campaign.to become the muse of a big group like amazon isn’t trivial for liya, she is profiting from this notoriety to highlight her own clothing label baptized lemlem, destined to help african artisans, especially those from ethiopia, the country she comes from. that is liya, both a philanthropist and the girl next door, always taking a sincere pleasure in every one of life’s experiences.interview with liya kebede :they are trying to give a bit of individuality of the woman and to say do what makes you happy, find yourself, the idea isn’t to look like anyone else, it’s to just be you and to feel good in your skin and i really like that and i approve it. to make a brand that succeeds but through craftsmanship, made in africa is also important so we can change the image of africa and what we produce in africa is really to become a bit of a role model for other brands to spread the idea of coming to work in africa and to develop the fashion industry over there. music free of right / bandit & nikit / 2017