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Schiaparelli - Haute Couture collection Spring/Summer 2017 in Paris ( with interview )

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Location : the schiaparelli salons, place vendôme designer : bertrand guyon 4th collection for bertrand guyon in command of the house of schiaparelli’s artistic direction and which imposes in the course of the seasons, an increasingly affirmed style and an identity which permeates the dna of the house. collection : very schiaparelli graphics with the houses iconic codes : (hand / lock / sun / lobster) which is applied and embroidered on a cashmere cape, an all in one suit or a padlock jacketfluidity of material, sensuality of the cuts and oriental influences around the kimonos dresses or chiffon dresses painted with flowers and arabesques.to note : simplistic shapes, playing with colours, a collection of mastered exuberance and an elegant delicacy.interview with bertrand guyon :photos still exist where we can see mrs schiaparelli in her room, and we see these magnificent pieces like aubusson tapestries, chinoiseries, a lot of little objects, small chinese terracotta etcetera and she herself often wore old chinese dresses, she also had a taste for the antiquity and for the east.it’s a very schiaparelli collection, deliberately worked out of its codes which are very present, like the dali’s lobster dress, it seemed to me that it was more appropriate in this somewhat oriental theme to treat this dress in a much lighter way, also more contemporary, for a fresh, fluid, light and simple collectionsome dresses are almost like t-shirts, which are put on very easily, but the materials are very rich, very worked, there’s a lot of atelier work, a lot of embedding of the soft cashmere like the cape with its encrusted and graphic motifs. music from the show (only to be used in the context of the show, protected by the right to information.)