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ERMENEGILDO ZEGNA - Menswear collection Autumn/Winter 2017/18 in Milan

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Designer : alessandro sartori, new artistic director who made a comeback at ermenegildo zegna, after having officiated at berluti.location : an immense hangar with 7 monumental towers erected in the heart of the hall, signed by the german artist anselm kiefer and the live musical performance from a french pianist.collection : menswear autumn/winter 2017/18 silhouette : a collection with a sporty and chic allure, with a evolved technique on the materials and a concern for details : trousers tightened at the ankles or zipped on the calves, jacket gathered at the waist, geometric jacquard motifs and a quilted effect. luxury is omnipresent through the delicate leathers, cashmere, the silk and the alpaca. the silhouette is young, laid back and contemporary with a number of blousons and parkas. focus : on the number of assorted accessories on the silhouettes, the alpaca and cashmere cap, the leather trainers and the silicone shoe soles.to note : the possibility to order a selection from the made to measure silhouettes just after the show and delivered in 6 weeks. interview with alessandro sartori : back to the roots, back to milan, it’s a very special moment for the city, for the company for this idea of new sport couture outdoor, for me it’s the quality, the passion and the knowhow which is coming from the hands of these artisans which are extraordinary, and that we wanted to push further but we felt a nostalgic idea, so the silhouette is modern, it’s vibrant. we have classic colours like, the camel, the light grey, the wool white, or the warm whites, blended with darker browns, these tones of earthy colours that they call african earth, and an idea of cobalt blue which is a vibrant touch on top of that.the evolution of the sportswear we have seen that here this season, we have seen many people wearing bombers instead of jackets, this to me is another step, you go back to a jacket but with a sportswear attitude. i think that the woven leather is one of the most fantastic ideas behind the house, so i decided to push with colours, different widths and textures and there are a lot of fancies, so all the checks on the suit. the idea is blending different generations but with one common point, which is very personal, it’s a very strong personal style and a unique point of view but nevertheless not too much over styled. music from the show (only to be used in the context of the show, protected by the right to information.)