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Focus on the Pirelli calendar photographed by Peter Lindbergh

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The new edition of the 2017 pirelli calendar is being revealed, it was taken this year by the fashion photographer peter lindbergh who portrayed 14 women, 13 actresses and one unknown. international actresses were chosen to celebrate their natural beauty. shots taken without effects and without makeup with close ups of their faces.a carte blanche for the famous photographer who has already worked three times for the tire brand, which is used every year, to offer this famous calendar to its best customers and which became a very coveted collector's item. interviews :alicia viukander:good directors don’t talk very much, same thing with photographers, it’s not so much explanation going on. it’s the kind of leaving up to give to someone, fell free enough to explore and try to find something helen mirren :the very fact that the pirelli calendar always was age and forward thinking has made it become this extraordinary thing that is becoming today which is looking at women and the presence of women in the world, not simply to do with literal beauty but more to do with their power in the world, their presence, their personality, their influencekate winslet:the wonderful thing about peter and i‘ve always felt this, is that he is truly interesting in capturing women who they really are, seeing their age, their line, their veins on back on their hands, the little cross feet absolutely everything and seeing a woman also far away thinking about something else entirely but very much by herself and strong. penelope cruz :he captures, he is so good at capturing the truth, the essence of a person, the essence of whatever is going on in that moment peter lindbergh:why we don’t try to do a calendar with women who have something to say. i approached them, saying i want to do something which is a cry against the terror of perfection and youth. we don’t do naked anymore, so what is other kind of naked much more important than naked body part? i think it’s when you really show yourself the way you are.music free of right : bandit & nikit