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Focus on the 33rd edition of the Mercedes-Benz Russian Fashion Week

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From the 13th to the 19th october, the fashion planet had their eyes fixed on moscow, where they held the 33rd edition of the mercedes-benz russian fashion week for spring/summer 2017. after an inauguration in a big ceremony for the veteran of russian stylists, slava zaitzev, it was then up to the young russian generation to take the reins. to start with ivka, a label founded by anastasia gassi who has a diploma in contemporary art from central saint martins in london. watchwords, minimalism and abstraction with multiple variations around the apron. same inspiration at dasha gauser whose dna is geometry and architectural clothes. the creator invites us on a journey around the world with cuts, lines and restructured silhouettes. the label sorry i’m not guided by nikita moiseenko knows how to have fun with cuts. known for its capsule collections with unique models, but especially for its humour, this time it presents a show with medieval accents and with the evocative title “burn the witch” a lot of second degree also at saint-tokyo, founded by yurin pitenin, one of the more promising young russian designers. lady gaga is a fan of his contrary associations, like this season inspired by hollywood in the 60s and the mexican wrestler “lucha libre” another mix between symbols of luxury and popular culture at viva vox and his artistic director oleg ovsiyov. tailors for the first lady, mickey prints, trompe-l’œil punctuating a collection where the designers play with volumes, textures and superposition. we also find a work of mixed materials at yasya minochkina, especially known for her flowery and minimalist style. but also for the use of technical fabrics. the colours, the embroidery and the prints are also at the heart of work of the sisters katerina and vera viper of the label vipers. each season, they present an experimental style, this time it’s inspired by korean and japanese cinema. it’s impossible to speak of russian designers without mentioning the most well-known, alena akhmadullina. stars such as angelina jolie or amal clooney swear by her simple, comfortable and chic style. she presents two collections, one ultra-luxurious capsule with worked embroidery and rich materials. a very eclectic fashion week which reveals many young talents. the proof with the show of graduates from the british higher school of art and design, one of the most prestigious schools in the country. russia is on course! (music free : bandit & nikit)