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Beauty Trends spotted at the Fashion Weeks

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Beauty trends to note at the fashion weeks :a spotlight on the beauty trends detected at the fashion weeks with the exposure of distinguished make-up artist tom pecheux: the make-up shows true diversity, with two different sides, ultra-made up with an exaggerated or natural trend without artifices (music free : bandit & nikit)interview with tom pecheux :i think having started some seasons before with anthony vacarello, i’m getting the impression that we left people very natural, and then some people with different make up and some very made up but here it’s something that we don’t find in all the shows, but a lot of them aren’t using make-up so in one single stroke there is a true decision to present the person or then after doing make up which is either abstract or different on each model. there are millions of way to work the natural because a natural at marni and a natural at balmain or ralph lauren are treated in a completely different way with a different result because of the different products but also because of a different hairstyle, different models and a different fashion.there are so many shows and so many make up propositions so each time if we don’t want to repeat or if we don’t want to be boring, we are obliged to go delve further to go to look further, and it’s true that there are technologies which enable us to develop make up designs further.