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Redemption - Collection Spring/Summer 2017 in Paris (with interview)

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Inspiration : the 70s and 80sthe years of the ‘rebel’ with hippy fashion and the punk influence artistic director : gabriele morattisilhouette : plays on contrasts, the superpositions, fluidity for muslin dresses printed with flowers and a more structured vibe with the embroidered leather, the victorian or biker jacketsthe trousers highlighting a slim and elongated silhouette the long mixed with the short focus : on the lace, the woven silk, suede, the mag pie jacket which tail on the ground, and the white refined dress like a long tunic, full of freshness and sensuality to note : each season the label gives part of its profit to charity interview with gabriele moratti :for us in this collection women have absolutely been in the center of the collection, in the way they dress, and in a cultural point of view, and the impact they have on society, it’s about rebellion and revolution, we wanted to pay homage to very free spirited, cultured, and very strong and rebellious women, so i think they’re going to enjoy our clothes the title of the collection is a tale of two cities, which was a book by dickens on the french revolution, so we also looked at old costumes which were also very much used by the punk movement so we put together this mix of different iconographies and some of them are the victorian jacket or the diplomat jacket that we did in leather in hand embroideries we decided to be inspired by the flower power movement and the punk movement, which are two very strong rebellious movements so we have put together very fluid pieces from the flower power movement together with corsets, and leather jackets more form the punk movement, we wanted to create this impossible conversation between the two concepts, two iconographies, and the two movements so we have created these pieces, some very fluid, some are very strong like an armor. music from the show (only to be used in the context of the show, protected by the right to information.)