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Wanda Nylon - Collection Spring/Summer 2017 in Paris ( with interview )

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Designer : johanna senyk, winner of the andam prize in 2016mood : along the seine, open to the outside, below the city of fashion and design silhouette : urban, quirky, daring, but simultaneously trendy and parisiennefocus on : the first silhouette with the combination of black and big ruffles, silver bob on the headthe bermudas and hooded jacket the vinyl, the pvc, the raffia, the gold touch : playing with textures and materials, essential for the designer. with a reference to the issey miyake pleatsto note : the accessories like the xxl ear cuffs, the coloured boots, the jeweled bob interview with johanna senyk :i had dreamed of making a work for the first time which absorbed the light, also of researching this development, because it’s a funny contrast, i always made it when there was vinyl, or very bright materials, i always contrasted them with things which absorbed more light to find a balance and it isn’t too much because if they still doesn’t scare me more and more it’s not necessarily practical. i also had fun with the pvc mixed with raffia which is basically more organic, they are 2 different things, which don’t go together and i like these things that don’t go together and we will put a bit of rockabilly with a bit of techno, and indeed we will put that, with a bit of that and a bit of that and all of this creates a personal vision. since i was very young, i loved the big miyaké pleats, but it’s a made completely differently, we added a lot of developments with the atelier and we made into really old couture to have volumes of things because i wanted to have a little bit of fun. music from the show (only to be used in the context of the show, protected by the right to information.)