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Exclusive interview with Anna Wintour

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Anna wintour, the famous eidtor in chief of vogue usa, tells us her views and crushes at milan fashion week while emphasisng the importance of the future to the fashion industry, especially through the "see now, buy now." interview with anna wintour :i was very heartened by starting the week in milan with a lunch which was hosted by the mayor of milan and the prime minister of italy so obviously there is huge support for what is such an important industry to italy by the political leaders, i felt that we saw a lot of very creative and interesting collections here, versace was very strong, prada was very strong, it was great to see thomas maier celebrating his 15 years at bottega, and having had a little preview yesterday with dolce and gabbana that looked like it was going to be a lot of fun, i feel that everybody here is really looking at what they can do to move milan fashion week forward and make it more in step in with the times whether its incorporating everything wonderful that italy has to offer, if its architecture art or food or painting or maybe opening up the idea that one would receive an international designer to milan i think would be a great idea, and the support of young designer here by obviously my colleague franca sozzani is wonderful and so important because we hear a lot about the great names of italy but less of the next generationi think we have to look at fashion with a global perspective of course italy has wonderful craft and handwork but we need to look at what they do internationally not just hang on to what is made in italy, i don’t think young people today honestly care about that, they care about what they’re seeing not where it’s from.i think fashion is changing i was so interested to see the burberry collection in london being unveiled live streamed to every burberry shop in the world. and it meant his customer could go into the store and buy it then and there, and he had parties in all the different stores while he was live streaming and i understand it’s been a huge success, tom ford did something similar in new york, as did ralph lauren, i don’t think anyone wants to wait 6 months for clothes anymore, that’s a really out of step with the times way to think, so i’m hoping that milan and paris will see a way to engage with a customer in a different way.music from the show (only to be used in the context of the show, protected by the right to information.)