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Exhibition Fendi in Rome : 90 years of savoir-faire (with interviews)

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The roman house fendi celebrates their savoir-faire after a period of 90 years of creativity, through an exhibition presented at the palazzo della civiltà italian. this iconic location, symbolic of the fascist era, is the new headquarters of the house of fendi. an occasion to discover behind the scenes of one the biggest fashion houses of italian fur, which is always at the forefront of innovation and new styles...exhibition fendi <<the artisans of dream>> up until the 5th of october 2016 in rome. interview with silvia venturini fendi: here in our headquarters in the palazzo della civiltà italiana we are opening today an exhibition that will be open to the public for four months, where we will show a little part of our history. there are some pieces from the archives, which are very important, because they highlight important moments in our evolution, but at the same time there are some rooms that are about concept, that are more ethereal. for example the fun concept, which is very much applied at fendi, which is a room where people can have fun and take selfies of themselves surrounded by our famous monsters. there is also a passage where you can really touch the softness of the fendi furs, in a sort of game like in a car wash. there’s the workshop, where you are surrounded by our technicians that will explain live, our techniques and our secrets. interview with pietro beccari:the exhibition is called the <<artisans of dream>>, i think that the artisans are the real protagonists behind our success because they are capable of transforming a drawing in 2d, into an 3 dimensional object, into something that people can wear, that they can be proud of having in their own wardrobe, in their own house, and i find that it’s about the celebration of their capability, of their courage and their passion for their work. so, this evening, with the inauguration of the exhibition, it’s their day too. music royalty free / bandit & nikit - 2016