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The house of Christian Dior announces the nomination of Maria Grazia Chiuri (with interview)

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Confirmation of the nomination of maria grazia chiuri : a women at dior ! ( acting as the artisitc director of haute couture, ready-to-wear and feminine accessories.)maria grazia chiuri co- directrice at valentino has been appointed as the artistic director of dior. she will take over the position from raf simons. a woman, acting as the creative head of the huge fashion house of dior is a first. during his time at dior, raf simons took a creative turn and introduced his more radical vision, whilst simultaneously conserving the accepted codes of the fashion house and seeking the support from the savoir-faire of the ateliers. since his departure in october 2015, the rumours began to circulate. during this period of uncertainty it was the partnership of serge ruffieux and lucie meier who took the reins. since 2008 maria grazia chiuri worked together with pierpaolo piccioli, forming the creative partnership behind the renovation of valentino. they knew how to infuse a sense of romance, of modernity and a new sort of luxurious femininity into this roman brand, created by valentino garavini. a new page in the history books is being written at dior, a brand which over the years has never ceased to embody on an international scale, the true essence of french elegance.interview with sidney toledano:this attachment to history is equally an attachment to savoire-faire, because behind all their dresses, of course there are designing teams and there is a relaying and it’s like a star that needs to maintain its shine in the long term interview with maria grazia chiuri:we also believe that it is so important to capture the desire for a woman, which is also a desire that you can use immediately. we believe that women are all different, but we want to offer the same style to different women and each women can chose what is better for her. we believe that is a better way, to respect and speak with women. interview with valentino garavani:they worked with me for twelve years and i had them by my side helping me with the whole collection. they are very intelligent, they do incredible work and moreover they have lots of success and they sell a lot, and that, well, i’m proud of that. interview with sidney toledano: dior is a fashion house that has known the greatest names, mr dior, mr saint- laurent, monsieur bohan, john galliano, raf simons, and all of that has contributed to enriching the brand. it has already written a long history and now we are ready for the next step. it’s not really about the short term commercial stakes, in that regard i would say that the fashion house is so powerful that they will manage fine .. but it’s much more about which path they will take and what creative direction will be put in place for the years to come. royalty frree music/ bandit & nikit-2016