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Dior - Fashion Show Haute Couture Autumn / Winter 2016/17 (with interview)

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Location: in the legendary salons of 30 avenue montaignedesigners : serge ruffieux and lucie meierinspiration: a return to the roots and basics of the house of dior. a collection presented in black and white, to symbolise the masculine/feminine and to express a certain modernity. focus on: the bar suit, the skirt worked in superposition, with the asymmetries + the pleats and the drapes for the evening dresses and skirts. gold is present in the ornamentation. embroidery inspired by the the works of claude lalann, or césar. to note: the barrette used to hold the long hair of the models. a collection dedicated to the savoir-faire of the ateliers of the house, and which is the last one for the talented partnership of between serge ruffieux and luci meier. in the front row: céline dion , marion cotillard, johnny hallyday and aymeline valadeinterview with serge ruffieux and lucy meier:to be at the heart of the creation for us is the essential thing, it’s the essence of our work. there are always lots of emotions in our work, if not our work wouldn’t do well. it’s the vision that we have that we begun to put in place in january and that we continue to do, we love that kind of femininity, with a sort of modernity, for a free woman, a woman of today. interview with céline dion: it’s total feminity, it makes women beautiful, it helps us to be the best of ourselves. i’m an artist, i love to look art, whether that be painting, jewelry, clothing, theatre, singing, it helps us to transform ourselves and helps us to perform. we invent personalities for ourselves through the clothing that is suggested to us and then we are transported elsewhere. for me, my last fashion show was 20 years ago, more than 20 years, and so i don’t go all the time, but when i do i appreciate it enormously. i’m here with law roach, my stylist, and in the house of dior, we feel very welcomed. it’s hot, it feels like i’m back in my house with the 14 children, we are a family, it’s marvelous. interview with aymeline valade: lots of delicacy, of lightness, of subtlety, the fact that the principal material was the texture of muslin silk, i love that. it is one of my favourite materials, because it moves extremely well, it floats a lot, it accompanies well the movement of the body. the fact that the fashion show was based on colours like black and white, with gold and diamond, they are just the essential colours that bring out the best in anyone. music from the fashion show/ not to be used beyond 7 days after the show