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Paul Smith - MENSWEAR collection Spring/Summer 2017 in Paris (with interview)

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Designer: paul smithinspiration: bourse du commerce in paris, a rainbow on the ground and on the clothing, reggae music. paul smith, like many designers during the menswear collections week, wants to celebrate peace and joy. he references his past with his first times to london for the weekend partying, whilst proposing an urban and "easy" collection silhouette: the fine, light checked suit, worn over a polo shirt with a rainbow collar. the essentials reinterpreted in a soft way with many details such as the trousers embroidered with flowers, the multicolours checks declined in jumpsuits, jackets, shirts.focus on: small easy to wear jackets, "peace" t-shirt or with the inscription of the number "17" (for summer 2017) + bright yellow suit note: accessories like the belt with peace & love symbol and raffia style backpacks and clutches.with interview from paul smith.it is about happiness, a positive spirit and colour. as you and your viewers know we live in a world that is complicated and sadly full of terror and war. you have known me for a long time, so i think you know that i have always had a very positive spirit and a lot of energy so i thought it was important to share my energy with my customers around the world and with the press therefore the show is very happy, very cheerful with bright colours. it is influenced from when i was a young man in london when i was 18, 19 20 years old, going to london from my home town which was in the middle of england, going down to london on friday and saturday and going to lots of amazing clubs that had lots of characters; people who were trying to express themselves. a lot of the fabrics are more middle weight, medium weight, there are not so many obviously “winter” or “summer” clothes, we sell in 73 countries, so in many of the countries we sell in, it is very humid a lot of the time so you have to have big collections and the show is just a part of the big collection. music of the show, do not reuse for more than 7 days after the show