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Makeup Trend- Summer 2016: Make way for a natural and colourful look!

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Summer is often a matter of having natural, fresh looking skin but this season space is made for boldness and colour. the makeup artist, tom pecheux, who covers all the major fashion shows reveals to us the trends to follow. no chance of kidding with makeup, everything is a matter of dosing and desire… for evening time, eyes will be smoky, revealed in a grunge or graphic way. and lips pair up, even adorned with glitter! interview with tom pecheux:a trend that everyone calls a current trend, however it’s been rather a recurring theme is ‘looking natural’, but i think that ‘looking naturel’ has been around for ages, i feel like i’ve been doing it for a very long time now. if you make the mouth very pronounced and if the rest isn’t perfect, you will be hypnotized by the colour of the lips. if you’re going for an all-natural look there is nothing that can hypnotize you apart from the face as a whole, so you have to use makeup delicately and transparently which is much harder and i think it requires passion to make makeup look natural. aside from that, there are lots of other trends. for example, quite strong, vibrant lips, then for the eyes, there are either warmer colours like orangey yellows to apply or there are colder colours like blues and bottle greens. the three little dots under the eyes are surrealist, the more artistic side of the person. then the plum coloured, rather intense lips grow, evolve, advance become womanly and then they signify a woman with a strong mouth, which represents power, the power of femininity. there are very different things in makeup, red lips for example, we put red lipstick on for lips to stand out, we put eye makeup on so that eyes stand out and we put on skin makeup and if someone tells you ‘wow’ you’re wearing such a pretty colour tint, what are you wearing? that means you’ve got it all wrong, which is a shame, however if someone says you’ve got such beautiful skin that means you’re wearing the right skin tint for you, the right colour, moisturizer and yes that all requires work! music free of rights: bandit & nikit