Best of Haute Couture Spring Summer 2016 : the moments to remember

Paris was in the vibe of Haute couture. An art celebrated over 3 days, a moment of suspense in the marathon of Fashion Weeks, where the designers paid homage to Paris and were endlessly inspired by the city. An haute couture uniting many nationalities; reaffirming the supremacy of Paris in the fashion world. The capital city that attracted the couture superstar in China, Guo Pei, invited for the first time to show by le chamber syndicale de la couture. It was Jean Paul Gaultier who revived the years of the club, Le Palace, when Paris knew how to party. Chanel transports us to the land of the rising sun. Baptiste Giabiconi appears discretely and kicks off a couture collection with extreme elegance, Zen and soothing.Dior has also attracted the press’ attention, with a decor that reflected infinity in the gardens of the musée Rodin, but also the clients were eager to see the first pieces post Raf Simons, by a studio that took over the reins, whilst waiting for a new artistic director to be appointed.For others, couture is a research lab, a performance more than a show. A couture that you collect rather than a wear or you can express yourself like the youngster Yacine Aouadi, 35, from Marseille, who in the pathways of the big houses has chosen the haute couture route.Proof that couture still has a bright future; with the arrival of a new generation, who eagerly bring their enthusiasm and energy. Interviews from: Stéphane Rolland, Giambattista Valli, Jean Paul Gaultier, Sidney Toledano, Yacine Aouadi: Stéphane Rolland:I think that people like me also wanted to feel this true Parisian essence, this Haute couture essence and this old way of presentation came at a beautiful moment. I wanted more intimacy; so that the women could almost touch the dresses if they felt like it and I wanted to take them home with me! Giambattista Valli:My inspiration came from the club, Le Palace, at the end of the 70’s beginning of the 80s, when I had all my first muses. We had so much fun back then and it was the model’s characters that cat walked today meaning they each brought something different to the clothes.Sidney Toledano :It’s a new moment; the studio did such a beautiful collection. keep this team because you don’t need anyone else when you have such an incredible team, that’s you, he doesn’t need anyone. It was an incredible show, congratulations. Yacine Ouadi:For me it was an obvious decision to start with haute couture because you cannot do the same level of work in the ready to wear because you never have enough time, but you can take your time in haute couture. Musique libre de droit : Bandit & Nikit

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