2016: What’s the future for the fashion show?

Nowadays a fashion show is revealed on a stage with reels of longlined models who boundlessly walk out to the presentation’s beat of the music for a new collection. That’s why it was simply called a fashion show because it becomes a spectacle, just as it suggests…playing with incredible settings or simple intimate moments. And what is the trend for 2016? Is it still paramount to have a face to face rendezvous? The big houses or young designers seem to ask themselves the question. Some houses play with adopting a very futuristic vision. Moreover, this phenomenon is heightened by the latest heroine of the LV campaign, who is none other than Lightning from the famous video game, Final Fantasy.Every season, everyone tries to break away from the fashion show. The presentation of collections can now be different, using an exhibition form, or even books or movies. Latest to date: Tom Ford has just presented his latest collection in a movie with Lady Gaga as the lead role. One of the stars in this area, Burberry Prorsum shows its technological prowess by using the latest craze, such as the ability to see the collection live on a smartphone or the night before on Snapchat. (ITW)And that’s where this futuristic vision contrasts with what remains as the most important quality of attending a show, the same goes for any concert or theatre, where feelings take precedence over everything else, just like the emotion that it generates. And it's even better when that emotion and human contact provokes some selling.Interview from: Christopher BaileyI think there is room for everything now. I think shows will evolve but I think there’s nothing that beats a human interaction. For example, I’m a huge believer in e commerce and shopping online but I also believe in hard shops. Music free of right / Bandit & Nikit 2015

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