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Fendi - Womenswear Show Autumn/Winter 2015/16 in Milan (with interviews)

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Even if he doesn’t like celebrations or to look at the past, karl lagerfeld despite everything celebrates his 50 years of loyalty to the fendi house and opens the show with a new page. and from the first looks, modernity is put in place. a huge loose coat with imposing buttons and then a long straight leather dress with a high collar sets the tone. colours of rust, saffron, and geometric prints inspired by the swiss artist sophie taeuber illuminate the wardrobe. the cuts are straight, and longline. the materials structure the silhouette especially with the play of appliquéd leather panels on the side of a skirt. the patchwork fur imposes a new graphic element to the coats. shearling warms up the bottoms of the trousers. leather breastplates are fixed onto white shirts. a collection which reminds us of karl’s aesthetics: strictness and graphic silhouettes. new volumes for the dresses and puffa jackets. a real sensation of softness, like this mink strapless dress in pale tones which closes the show with delicacy and luxury.interviews:karl lagerfeld: this is what i love most in the world, because it’s what i would have wanted to invent, everyone would have wanted to invent jeans, and for me it’s the white shirt. this time i’ve added the extremely sophisticated version of the bullet proof vest to it that we see everywhere on the street, because we can take elements from it but we must make them sophisticated and almost ironic. silvia venturini fendi: we love the work of sophie taeuber and all of her graphic designs, and the way that she does the rectangles, the vertical lines, the collection is a silhouette that is completely vertical, all slim, so we also used the graphic designs of sophie taeuber on the bags.karl lagerfeld: there aren’t any very, very expensive furs, there aren’t furs like zibeline and the others, we will do them on the side, because what you see here is shearling and so not at all about excessive things. you know the fendi today, that you have seen, is the fendi of lvmh with all of the strength and all the energy of pietro beccari. pietro beccari: we live in an extraordinary moment of vibes and we’re happy to be living today. all the people work with smiles, we’re happy working, i spoke with the models who were fighting with each other to do the show for fendi, and for me it’s very positive and i said to myself that i hope that this moment at fendi continues for a long time.music from the show