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Diane Von Furstenberg- Womenswear Show Autumn/Winter 2015/16 in New York with interview

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Diane von furstenberg loves to seduce, to move, to please and to make us smile. it’s enough to see it working backstage with her dress, lightly printed with red lips with a multitude of cameras filming, for season 2 of her reality tv show. for next autumn/winter she goes to china (where red and black feature predominantly) to finish on the idea of seduction. the slip dresses paired with lace, scattered with sequins, with plunging necklines on the back, printed in tiny flowers and confetti. the lightness is the focus even if several fur coats were worth a look at. the red lips, the signature of the house, are found on a coat and a dress for the greatest pleasure. to note: the opening of the show by the top model of the moment, kendall jenner.interview : diane von furstenberg: this collection is called « seduction » so first of all i started with a theme a little bit chinese, and then china evaporated except what you can still see, which is the red and the black etc, but it’s really seduction, it’s the woman who during the day is super powerful, so she has a gilet dress in pinstripes, with shirts in chiffon, she is very together, very strong, and during the evenings she is still quite strong but she inspires a little bit of fantasy.my role in fashion for me is to make super versatile things, so all the dresses, each dress, each shirt, each coat, is like a friend in the wardrobe and where you know it’s enveloping that immediately makes you feel powerful and at the same time desirable.it’s very curious because it’s super seductive and look this collection is released on the same day as “fifty shades of grey” and we took the music from it, so it’s very, very seductive, very beautiful, but not vulgar.