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Moncler Grenoble Womenswear Show Autumn/Winter 2015/16 in New York with interview

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Inside a hangar in the brooklyn navy yard this valentine’s day, moncler wanted to celebrate love with his line grenoble. guests were greeted with “my love” chocolates and red cocktails as they arrived, and saw the setting of a huge heart which opened to well known love songs declaring their passion, with the words appearing on a screen in karaoke style. the models appeared in pairs and were raised into view dressed in the latest parkas, jacquard weave jumpers, and ski suits, ready to hurtle down the pistes. remo ruffini, president and creative director aims the collection as much at the adolescents who are fans of the brand as at habitants of gstaad or courchevel. aspects of urban and trendy aspects are expertly combined until the final couple– a married couple wearing a white dress and black suit both in puffer jacket style. to note: the final touch because a similar show would surely end with lovers… interview : etienne russo :it’s the only brand for which we don’t look to the collection for inspiration, or at least less than other brands do, so it’s more the inspiration of the moment which counts and the feeling that you get at that moment, the things that we want to communicate.the inspiration came from two things. the first is that we received the date of the show which would be at 7pm on the 14th of february, so that gave me the valentine’s inspiration, especially as it is widely celebrated in the states and in new york. and the other part was that the events happening in the world at the moment are so sad and so i wanted to send a positive message of love. remo ruffini :grenoble is a strong energy, grenoble was founded to go to the slopes but at the beginning we said that we don’t want to make a jacket which would be worn only one week of the year and we created a style which you can use every day in the city. i think new york is really the right city to use grenoble, there is a strong energy, the weather is really close to our dna and we love new york.we don’t have a set idea of our customers, we’ve got customers who are 15 years old, 50 years old, 70 years old. we don’t want to just show the product but to show the atmosphere of a concert. we are advertising our show and i think tonight will be a very strong example.music from the show