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Aquilano.Rimondi- Collection Spring/Summer 2015 in Milan (with interview)

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The dragonfly is at the centre of the aquilano.rimondi collection, which gave homage to matisse and even more so to the chapelle du rosaire in vence with the use of colours and contrasts. tommaso aquilano and roberto rimondi showed the delicate work and precision by the construction of the clothes and in the choice of materials. the work outlined a certain italian know-how and true workmanship of italian couture. with embroidery applied on the tulle and painted motifs on pleated dresses in duchess satin, and in organza. the transparency gave femininity to the dresses, skirts and even the jackets all with an oriental touch. see-through designs were also found on the ankle strap high heels in plexiglass. colours flowed pass in a palette of nudes, intense blues and vibrant reds. it was a real life dream between purity and serenity combined with artistic elements by the designer, a truly beautiful moment suspended in time during milan fashion week. interview: tommaso aquilano: it’s a very french reference. it’s the rosaire chapel in vence designed by mr matisse in provence. it’s a journey between health and beauty with tranquility. that’s the dream, the message from mr matisse. for us it’s the first time working with that spirit, with the lightness in the clothes that transformed us to take the sketches of mr matisse, for example the motifs that we transformed into the prints and embroidery with all the colours of the chapel.by taking elements from mr matisse we managed to translate the lightness through to the dragonfly which represents an oriental element. we transformed the little animal which is also a signature of mr matisse and the combination of the two is going to transform the very light prints on the veils in crepe or satin… it’s saying something, to be very literate but at the same time with a feeling that’s also spiritual. music from the show.