Hot trend: slip-ons, the new in-vogue sneaker...

Star sneaker of the 1990s, the skate shoe or ‘slip-on’, so-called due to its easy to pull-on feature makes its big comeback this summer as every label, from streetwear brands to the biggest fashion houses create their own more or less original versions. Interviews:Laurent Coulier:There has been a big 90s comeback and the 90s means skateboarding trends like slip-ons, Van type shoes and backpacks; so it makes a really strong return this summer.Maroussia Rebecq:When I was offered this collaboration with Vans, from the start I wanted to do slip-ons. I was talking about the slip-ons of my memories, when for me they were the coolest shoes in the world for guys and actually now that I wear them, I realise that they are very practical and simple. I love their simplicity.Laurent Coulier:It is actually the white vulcanized rubber sole that makes this shoe interesting with the elastic detail on the side, making them easy to put on. This kind of sneaker is very different to a lace-up trainer as it is genuinely a shoe that can simply be slid into and that is extremely comfortable. And so today, many labels offer these styles at affordable prices and so they have worked on the colours, the materials and the prints in order to create something that is fun, easy and very comfortable.Maroussia Rebecq:These prints for Vans are the ones that I developed for my label and they all revolve around a photoshop theme. They are actually a mash-up of something that is almost impressionist and something that is extremely computer-based. At the same time, they are both super feminine and very masculine and therefore very unisex.Laurent Coulier:Of course, the Vans style shoe is widely recognized but now it is top-of-the-range designers like Jimmy Choo, Kenzo, Lanvin and Saint Laurent who are creating their own versions based on this emblematic skate shoe.Music free of right/Bandit&Nikit 2012

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