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Best of the fashion shows – Beauty: the natural look returns

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Fashion shows are the perfect places to pick up on the latest crazes, especially clothes but also make-up trends; from backstage to the runway, let’s take a look at the new beauty side of fashion. the first stand-out look is the return to a natural face: make-up is closely studied, becoming non-existent. it’s a first: imperfections are left visible in celebration of raw beauty. (itw) every designer constructs their narrative around this purity, exaggerated for next winter by another kind of intricate detail: from mono-earrings to the revival of giant hoops at balmain and even aztec discs from acne studios. jewellery comes to the forefront, and to show it off: the chignon makes a comeback, emerging as the go-to hairstyle. lastly, if there is an essential make-up element, it is added around the eye, with a splash of eyeliner or a refined smoky eye effect, with a hint of eye shadow to emphasise a deep, sensual look. (itw) and don’t forget, colour around the eye brings a touch of brightness.interview:dick page:purity, clarity, there is strength in the eyebrow, a little flash of colour either pink or green around the eye, a soft rose bronze lip, very clean looking skin. just refinement, elegance and proportion. some designers, like michael kors, have a very strong narrative behind the story. i am working with phoebe philo for céline. sometimes she is quite primal, she will throw little strange ideas out there and we just play, we take a little time and just play around. it really varies.tom pecheux :to give a sexy edge, focus around the eye, and one thing that i really like is when a girl has taken off all her make-up and there is just a little bit left around the eyelashes. then we add a touch of gloss on top.music free of right /bandit & nikit 2012