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Berluti - Menswear Autumn/Winter 2014/2015 Show in Paris (with interview)

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Berluti (a fashion house known for their luxury shoes) has invested in a garage in paris’s 15th arrondissement which is covered in raw untreated wood to present their collection of clothes for next winter as a fashion show for their first time. in the front row, the actor will smith and antoine arnault accompanied by piero beccari, the two heads of berluti. on the catwalk, the designer alessandro sartori totally used the talent of the atelier of the master tailor arnys (berluti bought the house in june 2013) in the cut and construction of the clothes. the silhouette is sharpened with trousers that adjust at the leg and a tight mesh jumper. double breasted cashmere coats are oversized, and are perfect for lazing about it: comfortable, snug and and protective. you can feel the luxuriousness of the material, the fall of which is impeccable. the designer has been daring with colour, even creating suits in vermillion and cognac tones. the details are important in the functionality of the coats, like the pockets of this jacket which are cut diagonally. a desirable discreet luxuriousness, which mirrors today’s current fashions for men. season by season, the berluti house has placed importance on ready to wear luxury clothes, with a stifling wardrobe. shoes are becoming just accessories? with this fashion show, we understand that berluti now wants to dress men from head to toe.interview -alessandro sartori : first of all the idea is to bring everything to the next level. it’s like the pure extreme organic leather fabric material, like the raw wood that we used to carve the shoe with an extreme reserve, like the large coats that are done in triple cashmere. three layers of cashmere are needle punched together. so it is a combination of crafts, organic material and extreme innovation to get a new take on men’s wear. under you have something slim fitting, and on top you have something protective which you can open or close.i think we need to create a space in the market, or find a unique space in the market to slot into. normally, these amazingly high quality brands, like ours, where clothes like the tuxedos or suits are fully made by hand, 70 hours of work, are more for the classic man. we want to bring this quality to the stylish man, but at the same time use technical innovation behind the materials. music from the show