Louis Vuitton - Menswear Autumn/Winter 2014/2015 Show in Paris (with interview)

In a greenhouse situated in the André Citroën Park, an aerial view of earth makes-up the backdrop for the Louis Vuitton show. Large stripy coats in double-sided cashmere, jumpers and shirts warmed by touches of fur or tops embroidered with stones, the Louis Vuitton voyager is gentrified. The sportswear look, devised in silk, cashmere and detachable chinchilla fur is teamed with hiking boots, merging a backpacker style with city chic. Truly wintery looks such as coats, jumpers, trousers become light indoor wear, conforming this desire for comfort which is set to dominate autumn/winter 2014/2015.Interview:Kim Jones:We looked at the setting and then we took the colour palette and worked with that to be the basis of the colour palette so we could make everything really interact together and make it really super rich and luxurious and have a feeling of space and luxury and everything that you want from Vuitton.This was more digital travel: it was more the idea of looking online rather than actually going somewhere. We did research and we used fabrics from the area and looked at the chinchilla, looking at vicuna, keeping that super luxe Vuitton vibe but just really taking it into a slightly different realm this time because we have done it for five seasons now and I like to just shift it slightly.We wanted it to be very rich and easy. Men want comfort and ease now and just speaking to customers and looking and talking to people, there is that sense so we have completely reconstructed our formal suiting so there is comfort and ease in that as well so when you are travelling or when you are working, you feel great the whole time.Music from the show

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