Rick Owens Spring Summer Collection 2014 in Paris (with interview)

At a Rick Owens show, always expect to be surprised and to have no idea of what is to come. After the heavy metal band suspended from the air last season, this year there are forty American dancers from four different groups (Washington Divas, Soul Steppers, Momentum and Zetas) flown in from the States. With faces to match, these robust, cheeky looking dancers perform in-time, all dressed in Rick Owens, in front of the applause and the astonishment of the audience. The American designer wanted to reflect on the idea of the team, in sport but also that which is created by his aesthetic and his clothes…Over the years, Rick Owens has established a real community of fans and followers but this is really what his show is about; the energy, the strength and the clothes worn by different body shapes all maintain a form of identity. This is a wonderful break for a true American show.


Rick Owens:

The name of the collection is ‘Vicious ‘and I was thinking of teams and how we all create our own teams, family teams, aesthetic teams like how we all dress identifies us as part of a certain kind of team. The clothes that I make can create a team and I know that but I was thinking how under the best conditions, teams are about sports and about fun but under the worst conditions, teams are about war. I was examining teams in my head but when I thought of a way to present this and I thought about teams, American teams and this kind of team is so American; I couldn’t find this kind of team or this kind of discipline in Europe and, by bringing it here, I liked the idea of combining it with my aesthetic, this music, these people and their very specific discipline and I thought the combination was nice.

It was also a great exercise in thinking about different body types, which I thought personally, just in working was a very good experience for me, it was a good discipline for me to consider all different kinds of things which a lot of times I don’t.

Music from the show

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