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Tommy Hilfiger Spring Summer Collection 2014 in New York (ITW)

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It’s as if you have been transported to the west coast for the tommy hilfiger show. the surf, the sea, the sun, the young, beautiful and tanned: all of this is present and can be found in each piece of clothing. the neoprene leather is revisited with the cropped bomber jackets, the iconic polo shirts now become dresses, trousers transform into silk tracksuits, the hawaiian designs return as a leitmotif while the swimming costumes are very graphic. described by tommy as ‘a very american look’, thanks to him the label is now very international. tommy hilfiger: it’s a great inspiration because it’s from melrose to malibu, it’s california lifestyle, it’s about the sun and the sand, it’s about colour, it’s about modernism, it’s about a sporty lifestyle. yelena noah: i have followed him around for a long time, so to see a slight change, an little evolution, a change to the surfer side and all that, it’s a lot to take in. to describe it, i would say america, the sixties, freedom, free america, young american, slightly preppy and slightly surfer. yes, that has all changed. music from the show