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Berluti - Presentation / Party - Spring Summer 2014 Menswear Collection in Paris

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The magnificent hotel de sully in paris, recently renovated, welcomed the latest berluti collection with a very visual staging, highlighting the latest styles of shoes for men on bikes, leather goods in graphic installations on the court lawn and at the windows, elegant dandies in suits and with boaters on their head. while noting that the shoes are the focal point of the silhouette, alessandro sartori, the creative director, alongside antoine arnault, ceo of the house, develops a stylish wardrobe of impeccable quality, this season telling a story around the blazer with 25 different proposals.materials such as cotton, linen, mohair, have been made with the view of creating an optimum lightness, colours are carefully selected to appear warm and sparkling. evening suits were made by the bespoke atelier at rue de sèvres, in the heart of paris. the evening ended with a garden party for many happy few ... interview : alessandro sartori : i adore the idea of playful, joyful summer on a tailoring base. i like this space, it’s very classic, very beautiful, but we turn it to a new modern set. so the collection has all these kinds of modernity, is sharp, has a beautiful silhouette, pencil worn shorts, we show the ankle, we show shoes which are the centre of our silhouette, at the same time we have bright colours with prints, with new fabrication, we have 25 new styles of jackets, they are mainly with flagrant shoulders, work with details, but they are mainly blazers. i think that this is the first time that a bespoke collection has been on the runway, so for me it’s really couture for menswear. alexandre de betak : it’s about creating an image and creating emotions at the same time, and effectively showing this in the simplest way as well as being both effective and close to the public. the incredible quality of the clothes which are new, because the collection exist only since 2 years. kim jones : i really like berluti, i really like the products that they’re making at the house. i just came along to see what they’re doing for next season and to give my support because i think that they are such a great brand. i think they’re doing such a good job. jeremy irons : i like the experiment, trying to push the boundaries. i think a lot of male clothing is very boring these days, and i think that berlutti is really pushing the boundaries. but the great thing about their work is that it’s wonderfully well made.   music from fashion show