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Fashion is invited to Disneyland Paris (with itws)

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Lanvin has created an outfit for minnie, the fashionista of disney icons, presented during a unique fashion show at disneyland paris… saturday, march 23, 2013, minnie got the game underway for the 20th anniversary of disneyland paris, with an exclusive fashion show, in a custom made dress by alber elbaz, designer of lanvin. an exceptional collection with the participation of the big names in european fashion, from philip treacy, custo barcelona to jean-paul knott, who all lent themselves by imagining an outfit inspired by the greatest disney classics. an event which natalia vodianova, clotilde courau, virginie ledoyen, audrey marnay and ludivine sagnier, took part in to support and immortalize by posing with minnie and her friends… music from the fashion show interview alber elbaz : it’s the imagination, childhood, a story, fantasy, it's reality, smiles, it’s everything that we need today in the world and in the fashion world too. it’s the blue of lanvin, it’s our signature colour! minnie, minnie the one and only ! natalia vodianova : i think we had a little competition going on, who has got the best dress. virginie ledoyen : it’s a lanvin dress, she is so pretty as well. ludivine sagnier : minnie in lanvin, it's not bad. audrey marnay : she is beautiful. ludivine sagnier : it’s a beautiful ode to femininity.