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Rick Owens - Menswear Fashion Show Fall / Winter 2013/14

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We find the distinctive silhouette of rick owens, black and slender with extravagant shoes. instead of burdening the recognizable look, the designer softens it through coats that are very light but also warm made with feathers, in the same idea of duvets used for sleeping! for trousers, he also dares to mix materials and adds leather, denim and / or nylon. the white anoraks with details of zips and cuts remain a strong part of this collection. music from the fashion show interview rick owens : i love a leather jacket and a leather coat, leather is great almost for the spring because you can wear it lightly, but for fall i just love duvet. on some of these jackets we used nylons that were so thin that you can actually see the feathers under the duvet, and those are mixed with shearling, so they\'re kind of combination jackets, you can see the feathers, the shearling, there\'s mink. i like mixing all of those textures, those natural elemental textures. i like creating a silhouette that has a very distinctive shape, but sometimes i wonder if we sacrifice detail for silhouettes so i\'m glad you\'re seeing elements that are interesting because the cutting is really important for me, the construction, i always wanted to create a construction of vocabulary of my own.