Emilio Pucci- Spring Summer Women Collection 2013 in Milan (ITW)

Peter Dundas, the artistic director of Emilio Pucci continues to surprise his audience with a collection with an Asian feel, undoubtedly very fashionable. Glamour is always present, but expressed in a subtle way. Evocative transparencies, trousers in washed silk, sensual bomber jackets and kimonos suggest more than they show while giving the silhouette a casual and lightweight feel. Tone on tone embroidery or sumptuous in yarns of gold, sometimes under a veil of organza reveals a real work of research on motifs. The prints; a true image of Emilio Pucci, are revisited in a more simple perspective. Sandals with a wedged heel and sculpted in ivory finish the outfit perfectly, very feminine and sensual.

Music from fashion show

Peter Dundas :This time I wanted something that was lighter and more sober, so I went to the East, to Vietnam, the inspirations of undergarments of Vietnamese women and also their femininity and inner strength.

I started a little with winter, with transparent parts to show the skin.

This time I really wanted to make a change, and try a new path, it's my 'job', but it is also a pleasure to evolve and discover new worlds and femininity that are somewhat more subtle, it was something new for me.

I think it is my duty to break up the expectations and move towards new paths for the brand. There is so much potential, this is a very nice brand and yet something very unexpected

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